D e s i g n E n v e l o p e . c o m
                                                               by William Edward Summers, Inc.





This mini exhibit is of three houses is available for free download, not for any redistribution or sale, for the private use of those considering building micro housing, or who are studying alternative housing solutions. DOWNLOAD HERE The design of the houses was originally conceptualized when Summers created several residential buildings for a developer working in Sudan, in Northeast Africa.

In addition to being extremely inexpensive to build, the plans incorporate green features and building materials. Each house is tiny by western standards, and less than five hundred square feet, with three small bedrooms, and two baths. Generally speaking the structures are designed to California seismic standards, and energy conservation requirements. The goal in offering the free schematic plans is to get people thinking about small, green houses as a housing solution. Although they are designed for use in the third world, other possible applications are refugee housing, emergency housing, and low income housing.

Cad dwg files, and complete plans for permit application are available, for a fee. Please contact the designer directly for more information.