D e s i g n E n v e l o p e . c o m
                                                               by William Edward Summers, Inc.



William Edward Summers in Print


Designer William Edward Summers and his wide variety of residential, commercial and art projects have been featured many times in newspapers and magazines across Northern America. He also caught the attention of the Japanese press:


"San Francisco Chronicle" Newspaper
Remodeling -- a pastime for the idle rich
San Francisco
August 2006

SF Gate "Online News"
Residential Affluenza: How remodeling has become
the obsessive labor of the ultra-rich
San Francisco
August 2006

“Metropolis” Magazine
“Insites” New York
November 1995

“Nob Hill Gazette,” page 36
San Francisco
May 2000

Victoria Times-Colonist
March 18, 2000
Section F, page 2
Victoria, British Columbia

“Nob Hill Gazette” page 30
San Francisco
February 2000

“Acumen” magazine, page 10, “Home, Home on the Ginza”
Toronto, Ont., 1-604-962-9184,
December 1994

“Canada Japan Business Journal,” page 6, article at top half of page, in Japanese.
Vancouver, B.C., 1-604-688-2468
November 1994

“Kerrisdale Good Morning News” newspaper, page 2
Vancouver, B.C.
October 18, 1994

“Saturday Review” The Weekend Sun, “The Happening” page D10
Vancouver, B.C.
August 13, 1994

“The Vancouver Sun” newspaper,
Vancouver, B.C.
July 30, 1994, section G, page 1
June 20, 1992, sections C, page 1, “Look Up”

“The Kitsilano News” newspaper, page 4,
Vancouver, B.C.
August 11, 1993

“The Georgia Straight” newspaper, page 27, “Arts Notes”
Vancouver, B.C.
August 6-13, 1993

“Profile” magazine, page 42
Vancouver, B.C.
Spring 1993

Homes & Builder’s Magazine
1950s to 1990s In Four Easy Steps
Victoria, B.C.
June 1998

Homes & Builder’s Magazine
5 Considerations for Your New Retierment Home
Victoria, B.C.
July 1998

“Victoria Times-Colonist” newspaper, “homes” Magazine section, page 15
Victoria, B.C.
July 19, 1992

“The Facts” newspaper, page 11
Seattle, WA
July 14, 1992

“Afro-Carib News” newspaper, page 5
Aldergrove, B.C.
February 1995